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Are you interested in the world of caregiving? Would you like to go to bed every night, knowing that you have helped someone today?

Work with Us

Provide care services to our clients in their home as an on the go caregiver, with a company car.
Perform daily tasks as a part of a caregiver team, at one of our partner hospitals.
Provide care for seniors at one of our
retirement homes.

Our training program

Our program is designed to help you grow professionally parallel to your daily work. Along with your employment as a caregiver with us, you gain access to a 5-year vocational training for becoming a Health Service Manager.
We offer relocation assistance and compensations competitive for the German market. You can see the steps of our program represented in the chart below.


The first step is to get to know your field of interests, and to come up with a personalised work and training program, that fits your professional skills and your expectations.
You are paid in full during the orientation. We create a detailed professional description and analysis of your performance at our company, which can be used as a reference later on.

Practical Part

After the Orientation starts the two - year practical part of our program, based on your personalised plan.
We give credit for all prior relevant work experience, which is deducted from the two - year requirement.

Theoretical Part

Following the Part, the two – year Theoretical part takes place in form of evening and weekend courses.
We also give credit here, for all prior relevant work experience, and it is deducted from the two – year requirement.
The Theoretical part ends with a ceremony where certificates are handed over.

Management Training

We offer a special one – year management training, for which a succesful certification is necessary. During our management training you will acquire the skills and techniques of a manager, making you suitable for the position of the on the go caregiver or a retirement home manager.
Our graduates have the chance of leading our new and current companies in a franchise model, in Germany, or the candidate’s home country.

About us

The Dr. King Caregiver group – corporation was founded by Dr Rudolf King in 2017.
The company started with 4 employees, focusing primarily on at – home – caregiving. 3 years later our company employs a team of 87 highly motivated caregivers.
With the lead of our offices in Munich, Ingolstadt and Altöttingen, we provide many-sided and versatile caring services. We are looking for candidates from Hungary to serve the increasing demand for our caring services.

Hot to start your journey?

Click on „Apply”, and fill out the form with your information. Sending your CV is not yet necessary!
Selection: a two step interview: a meeting with our human resources team, then a video – interview with our german colleagues.
German language course (optional) The duration of the course is 1 to 6 months, depending on your level.
Departure and beginning of the program.
A language exam is not required. You will get all the language skills necessary on our german language course.
You have to be on an A2 level to start working.

Levels of Progress at the Dr King Academia:

Why choose us?

We recruit people in person, in Germany and abroad. It is our highest priority, to know the team helping us grow from the start, and to select people ourselves.
During the first interview our candidates can get to know us and the possibilities well, back in their own country. They can start working towards their goals well prepared.

If you decide to use your knowledge, skills and money in your home country, we support you.

We even give you the chance to create and run your own care giving company as an entrepreneur, in your own country!
Tímea Danó
Course of German Communications
3 years of experience

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