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Welcome to Dr. King Academia

We are looking for enthusiastic and dedicated employees who want to develop their career in caregiving, with an opportunity to become Health Service Managers in five years.

Work with Us

We offer a stable job and a career development opportunity at the same time! As part of our dynamic and harmonic team, you can choose to work as a nurse at one of our caregiving companies or partner organizations.
Dr. King Ambulante Pflege
Dr. King Ambulante Pflege
Provide home care services to our clients by driving to their homes and fulfilling their daily medical needs
Home care nurse Aleksandra
Provide care for seniors at our assisted living facility
Senior housing in Unterneukirchen, where caregivers work for both senior care & home care services
Becoming part of the healing team at one of our partner hospitals.

Colleagues working at the Munich office

About us

Dr. King Pflege was established in 2017 by Dr. Rudolf C. King. It was a home care service company with 4 employees. We have a growth rate of 60% annually. In three years, we have grown to a team of 87 highly motivated employees working in multiple locations. We have established offices in Munich, Ingolstadt and Altötting.

Our current team includes employees from Germany and Bosnia. And as the demand for our caregiving services grows rapidly, we are now looking into expanding our recruiting into Hungary, Serbia, Romania and Ukraine.

What We Offer

Our program is designed to help you grow professionally parallel to your daily work. Along with your employment as a caregiver with us, you gain access to a 5-year vocational training for becoming a Health Service Manager. We offer relocation assistance and compensations competitive for the German market.


Our vocational training starts with a 2 month orientation, where we get to know each other through teamwork. We use this time to identify your interests and work out a personalized work & study plan that fits your skills and professional expectations. We provide a full compensation (salary) for this period, as well as a detailed description/evaluation which can be used as a reference for any future employment.

Practical Part

After the orientation, based on your personal program plan, you will start working towards the completion of a two-year training on the job requirement of the degree. We give credit for all the prior relevant work experience by deducting it from the two-year requirement.

Theoretical Part

You need to complete a two-year theoretical program, following the practical part. The theoretical program includes online, evening & weekend classes.

Management Training

We offer special one-year management training for our successful graduates. The management training will equip you with a unique skill-set for becoming a successful Health Service Manager of a home care or senior housing service company. As a graduate you will manage our new businesses in Germany or your home country under our franchise name.

Dr. King Academia

Dr. King Academia offers motivated nurses a unique development opportunity to advance their careers through a special development program. We offer you all the necessary training and our compensations are very competitive in Germany. We are happy to help you with accomodation and transport.

Why Us:

What Makes Us Different?

We strictly carry out all the recruitment by ourselves both domestically and abroad. We find it crucial to fuel our organic growth by hand-picked personnel. Our candidates have the chance to know as much as possible about us and the opportunity, before living their homeland to pursue their career goals.

We will support you if you choose to use the gained knowledge, experience and the saved money (possibility to save 10mln Forints throughout our 5-years program) to start a Care Service Company in your home country.
With us you are free to choose where to pursue your career upon the program completion. We value your freedom of choice, which makes us different from other companies.

German is not a prerequisite for joining our program, but the motivation to learn the language is! All our selected candidates have access to free German courses in their hometown to prepare them for working as caregivers. Thus, language skills are not an issue to be solved upon your relocation, allowing you to start working right away.

Don’t take our word but our reputation for granted, see what people say about us. Make that first step, get in touch with our team today!
Sonja Bozic
Deputy Health Service Manager
3-rd year

Aleksandra Zivkovic
Deputy Health Service Manager
4-th year

Interested? Learn How to Get Started!

Application: send us your resume in German or English.
Selection: Two interviews: an in-person interview with our team on-site and an online video-call interview with our team in Germany.
German language training (optional). The course can last from 1 to 6 months, depending on your language skills.
Relocation and start of the program.
An official language certification exam is not required for entering the program, verification by the teacher on accomplishments set at the beginning of the language course are enough.